My New Zazzle Shop!

A year ago I started my Etsy shop!
In celebration I started a second shop that offers some different items that are not available in my Etsy shop but they match the party designs that I have on there. Check it out here when you have a chance:

Holiday Card, Cartoon Characters

I just created this Holiday Postcard for one of my fantastic clients Sirens Salon. My client came to be with 12 photos of the stylist in her salon wanting them to be cartoons. This was a fun project so I wanted to share it!

postcard design

Sirens Salon Holiday Greeting Card

Circus, Carnival Theme Party Packs for Boys or Girls

Circus/Carnival Theme Customized Party Pack For Girls

Circus/Carnival Banner For Girls

Circus/Carnival Cupcake Toppers For Girls

Circus/Carnival Custom Invitations For Girls

Circus/Carnival Theme Customized Party Pack For Boys

Circus/Carnival Banner For Boys

Circus/Carnival Cupcake Toppers For Boys

Circus/Carnival Custom Invitations For Boys

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This is a good article about branding and why it’s important.

Please sign this Petition – Internet Billing


Why This Is Important

We have all gone to websites and signed up for a month or a trial period then suddenly after the 3 day or week trial has ended we receive a charge on our card for $29.99! This was stated as an automatic reoccurring billing for our convenience! No this is not a convenience this is a ripe-off.
We need to put a stop to the reoccurring billing for internet websites!

Sure there is a note in the terms and conditions but it’s difficult to find the place to cancel and/or you have a time limit set for when you can cancel without getting billed.

My proposition is this:
Internet website should be obligated by law to provide a radio button on the subscribe page stating the following:

Click this box if you would like to have automatic reoccurring billing applied to this account.

This will end all the secret unwanted and unexpected transactions at the same time it will provide a automatic billing option for those that wish for there subscription to continue with a charge.

Masquerade Theme Party

Unique and Beautiful Masquerade Party Printable Party Kit

Masquerade Party Signs

Masquerade Wine Labels

Custom Wine Labels

Purchase this Masquerade complete party kit:
This Masquerade Party Kit Includes:
1 – 7″ Party Sign
2 – 2 Sheets of Patterned Paper
3 – Beverage wraps
4 – 4”x 6” Invitation (fits A6 envelopes)
5 – Cupcake Toppers
6 – Favor Tags
7 – Cupcake Wrappers
8 – Food Labels
9 – Napkin Wraps
10 – Cup Labels
11 – Snack Cone
12 – Wine Labels
13 – 4.5″ Round Labels

Also Available:

Printed Masquerade Party Invitations:

masquerade party invitations

Masquerade Party Invitations

Purchase Masquerade Party Invitations:

Surprise Party

Surprise Party Package – Digital File, PRINTABLE, D.I.Y – by Metro Events/Metro-Designs

Surprise Party Birthday Sign

Surprise Party Sign

Surprise party full kit

Surprise Party Kit

Files included are…
1 – Beverage wraps
2 – Cupcake wraps
3 – Food labels
4 – 4”x 6” Invitation (fits A6 envelopes)
5 – 7”x 6.5” PARTY SIGN
6 – Straw Flags
7 – 2″ Favor Tags
8 – 3″ Cup Labels
9 – Surprise Flag Banner
10 – Napkin Wraps
11 – Snack Cone
12 – Doodle and Stripe Pattern Paper

Purchase the Surprise party kit


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