Picasa color issues

I have had problems with clients viewing colors incorrectly on a number of occasions so I think it is important to address this issue.

There is a known issue with photos being viewed wrong in Picasa it is not only me and my clients that are having these problems if you search “picasa viewer colors wrong” there are a number of threads that show other users having this problem.

How to fix it… don’t view files that are sent to you from metro-designs in Picasa, I am not sure how or why this problem occurs and Picasa has not yet fixed the error. I have written google on a number of occasions letting them know that this issue is happening, but the change to the program has yet to be done. I am sure that at some point this will be corrected by google but until it’s been correct I suggest saving the files sent in windows photo gallery or another photo program until it is corrected.

Here is the error that I am referring to:

Picasa colors
These colors are incorrect they are being viewed in Picasa
actual colors
These are the actual colors that were created, it’s a pretty huge difference.

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