Designers Block!

Today was one of those days, I had completed orders in advance so that I would have time to do some custom work. Went to bed feeling accomplished and ready to get creative the next day, there were ideas written out and ready to be brought to life. Had I not been so tired as I was completing my day at 1 AM I would have stayed up to get my ideas onto the computer.

I wish I would have just powered through it because something happened between awake and asleep, my brain was jello mush when I woke. This kind of thing never made any sense to me because one would think that if you give your mind a chance to recharge then you should be good, I was mindless none the less but I sat down at my computer to design stuff and things anyway.

First I checked my email, typed everyone back then I started up illustrator. I began working on a business logo, “what typeface should I use?” “What colors, ummmm. Change, switch, rearrange, move, copy, paste… CTL-Z damnit! Screw this I am going to work on this invitation for a bit, I’ll go back to that.” Same scenario happens with the next project so I decided to leave my office, I went in the backyard and planted some flower seeds. My thought was “do something else to take your mind off of it and you’ll be ready when you return.” Of course this was just wishful thinking, I realized that somehow I missed the “design block day” memo.

This how they day went… Leave the office then going back and trying again, this was just a little game I played with my mind all day long! I ended up with a crap page of nothingness kind of like the image below.

Designers Block
What happens when nothing comes to mind? As a graphic artist we all get blocked. It can be quite frustrating when you end up with some crap on your screen that looks like this!

Of course this is not my real work! There is confidential info with some of the designs I create so I wouldn’t show what the real designs are but you get the idea. The frustrating thing is working 14 hours the day before just to have some free time for other projects, I ended up going out and planting some more flowers. I got the high priority, have to be done today stuff completed then walked away.

This doesn’t happen to me too often. I design 7 days per week, my days began between 7-8am then they end at about 11pm-1am. Most people say I work too much, but I really like what I do so I don’t agree. I think people that say that have never really worked in an environment where work doesn’t seem like work. For today the designing is done, no more graphics, I plan on going to bed early and starting out new tomorrow. After all a block only lasts about 24 hours and tomorrow is a new day!


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