Pin-up Girl, Rock-a-Billy Party Decorations By Metro-Events

Pin-up Girl, Rock-a-billy: Bachelorette Party, Birthday, Girls night or Bridal shower! This is my new favorite! I love, love, love this and went a little crazy creating so many different things because I want ALL of it! I had originally created a pretty awful pin-up girl design years again, this is yet another design I just wasn’t happy with and had been playing around with it here and there.

It all started with a party invitation:

The invitation on the left is the new design, the invitation on the right the old. This is one of those designs that I don’t care if anyone else likes it because I love it! I always seem to love the designs that everyone else doesn’t really like, my previous favorite before I feel in love with this one is the mustache and tutu design:

Back to the Pin-up girl invitations… So I was so excited about this design that I created 4 color options. I still can’t decide which one I like best, I like them all for different reasons:



So as I created the first color, which was the blue and red and continued on to the next my creating went out of control. I created everything I could think of with these pin-up girls. I have from party supplies to gifts: wallets, party banners, posters, invitations, customized cookies, writing pens, thank you cards, postage stamps, wrapping paper! Pin-up, rock-a-billy craziness! I do love this design, please check out the whole collection:


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