2018 Birthday Trends, Unicorn Party

2018 Fun party #1 By Metro-Events!
The number 8 has been considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture so 2018 is going to be luck for everyone! That definitely is cause for celebration!

This year have a unique party for your son or daughter. Metro-Events has a number of options to choose from.
Here are some ideas along with links to help you with decorating and
planning your next party.

Unicorn Party

Unicorn Invitations
Unicorn Birthday

First you need the perfect birthday party invitation. This sweet, magical unicorn invitation, created with a soft pink background and a yellow unicorn with a rainbow horn. This is a fun and magical birthday invitation for your sweet little birthday girl.

Next some decorative items, since this is a pastel birthday invitation you can get some simple pastel decorations. Here are some ideas:
Pastel Balloons

Pastel Streamers

Metro-Events offers customized party supplies that coordinate with this birthday party invitation. Our Zazzle shop holds the key to making your unicorn birthday party spectacular! Check out our coordinating items:


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