Adult Birthday Party Invitations By Metro-Events

I remember about 5 years ago I was having a birthday party for myself. Being an adult, I found it was difficult to find anything for adult parties. That same year I started my party shop on Etsy, most of my designs in the past years have been for children’s birthday parties. I started going beyond those and designing some adult invitations!

The first set is for the milestone birthdays, 16th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th. These party invitations are modern, classy and have a mature style to them.


Modern, 21st Birthday Invitations. Black, lime green, white and modern party invitations features stylish text with a contemporary look. This is a great invitation choice for anyone’s awesome 21st birthday!
Invite_Zazzle18.jpgFantastic 40th Birthday Invitations. Forty is FANTASTIC with these modern and sophisticated party invitations. This contemporary party invitation is a classic choice for FANTASTIC 40th birthday!

Invite_Zazzle17.jpg Fifty & Fab, 50th Birthday Invitations. Fifty is awesome with these modern and sophisticated party invitations. This stylish party invitation is a classic choice for an elegant 50th birthday!

invite_zazzle20Classy 30th Birthday Invitations. These classy invitations features a elegant script typography that reads “30, thirty”. This sophisticated invitation is a classic choice for fabulous 30th birthday!

Following the milestone birthdays came my personal favorite, color parties! Have your guests where your favorite color to your party or create a different kind of theme using a color. A great example would be the red party invitation, you don’t have to have your guest wear red. Instead have a wine party and ask your guest to bring their favorite red wine for a wine tasting or dinner party.
Black Party Invitations. Black and modern party invitations features stylish text with a black on black look.

whiteWhite Party Invitations. White and sparkly party invitations features glitter text with all white.


I also added the colors: orange, red, pink, blue, purple and there are more to come! Check out our invitations on zazzle:

I have really enjoyed the switch up with going from the kids to the adult parties, I always have fun with the kids birthday invitations however I am really loving these adult party invitations… I think I am due for another party!

All of our party invitations are available printed or in a digital party file.
At we offer both prints and digital files. Our zazzle shop only offers printed invitations.
Please feel free to contact Metro-Events for any custom party ideas.


Retirement Party Ideas and Decor

Do you know someone that is retiring soon? Maybe it’s you! A retirement party is a special event, there is nothing in life that we work harder and longer in but our employment. You spend years of blood, sweat and tears slaving away for an employer, once you are finished it’s time to PARTY!!! Have the best party ever and impress your friends and co-works with Metro-Events retirement party decorations.

Metro-events on zazzle has a wide variety of retirement party invitations for you to choose from. We have all types of retirement party invitations from golf style to elegant chic.

We also have custom party supplies either printed or digital files. If you don’t see something that coordinates within one of our shops please contact us, we will be happy to assist you with getting what you need.

Please visit us at or MetroEvents on Zazzle for any of your retirement party decorating needs.

Metro-Events Customized Wine Labels

Metro-events now has printed, personalized wine labels available at our shop at zazzle! Now you can customize your parties, events and gifts with cool and festive wine labels! Check out our growing collection that we have to choose from!

We also have wine gift sets! Everyone has someone that they have to give a gift to and they aren’t sure what to get them. This set provides a great option for you! We have put together some amazing wine sets that include the following: Custom wine labels, wine stopper, wine charms and wine bags. This makes a great gift for wine lovers and those people that you don’t know what to get!

Beach Party Collection By Metro-Events


I had originally create this beach party design for my aunt and uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary. This design is available on Metro-Events Zazzle shop and

Metro-Events party supplies are all customizable so if you wanted to use this for a birthday, wedding or bridal shower the words can be changed to suite your party type.

Please contact us for any customization request that you need!

Shabby Chic Baby Shower By Metro-Events

The perfect Shabby Chic baby shower starts with Metro-Events, with invitations, favors, decorations and more!
Our Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invitations are available on both Metro-Event’s Zazzle shop and Metro-Events on Etsy. Choose either prints or Digital files to print yourself. Three color options available: Unisex Baby Shower, Baby Shower for Girls and Baby Showers for Boys.



You remember how the story began—he asked, and you said yes!

Make sure you guests remember the reason for your classy and stylish celebration with party favors and supplies from Metro-Events, “She Said Yes” party collection.
The She Said Yes Bridal Shower Invitations are available on both Metro-Event’s Zazzle shop and Metro-Events on Etsy. Choose either prints or Digital files to print yourself.


Our She Said Yes Collection Feature a assortment of personalized party favors, personalized decor, posters and more! These pieces are embellished with that little statement that will make a big statement at your engagement party or bridal shower.

Cowboys and Cowgirls! Party Supplies and Favors.


Throw a country western theme party or a cowboy or cowgirl theme party! Lasso everything you need for a Cowboy or Cowgirl theme parties including  invitations,  posters, banners, party favors and more from Metro-Events.collage2
Whether you need digital files or already made party supplies, Metro-Events carries just about everything you need to have an awesome and unique cowboy birthday… And Cowgirl Birthday too!

Bow Tie Baby Shower For Boys By Metro-Events

Your little man is on his way! Cute and simple Bow tie Baby shower collection of boy baby shower favors and decor pieces plaid bow ties. Fabulous collection of baby shower decorations, supplies, shower favors, invitations and keepsakes. Have fun shopping for all of your baby shower decorations needs only at Metro-Events.

Bow tie Baby shower Digital Invitations are available as well as printed invitations at Metro-Events. 2 color options available, Blue and Green.

Shop for More baby shower supplies and party favors on Metro-Events Zazzle Page.

Denim and Diamonds Party Supplies and Favors

Denim and Diamonds Party Supplies and Favors, this party collection can be customized for any type of party: Birthday, Bridal shower, Bachelorette Party, Wedding or just a gathering with friends.


I really like this party collection, the idea came a friend of mine it’s a really versatile set of party decorations. The party collection offers the best way to throw a party that is both glitzy and entertaining! Have guests show up in diamond studded blue jeans or denim formal wear to match your party’s theme! The sparkling bling you’ve used to decorate your space will wow guests upon entering the room, as they eagerly show off their new denim and diamond look to friends.

The Denim and Diamonds Party Invitations are available on both Metro-Event’s Zazzle shop and Metro-Events on Etsy. Choose either prints or Digital files to print yourself.


Also available are custom party banners, thank you cards, custom cookies, party gifts, party favors and many other party decorations and supplies.

Bridal Shower, Invitations, Party Favors and Supplies

Floral, Bright bridal shower decorations are the key to creating a fabulous party honoring any bride-to-be. Get ideas and inspiration from metro-events wide collection of bridal shower decorations.

Customized printed or Digital file Bridal shower invitations are available at Metro-Events:
Bright Floral Bridal Shower Invitations


A bridal shower should celebrate the bride’s personality and character When considering a theme for the shower, make a list of all the bride-to-be’s loves. Then coordinate the bridal shower favors with the bridal shower decor! Before you even know it you created an amazingly romantic dreamland with just a few thoughtful details.