A party of pure imagination – Chocolate Factory Party By Metro-Events

Come with Metro-Events and you’ll be in a party of pure imagination! Throw the most delicious party EVER!!!! Throw your own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party with party supplies and decorations. So many ideas and so little time for them all! Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Chocolate Factory Party
Chocolate Factory Birthday Party Decorations

Digital Party Supplies, invitations, party favors and more! Imagine the smiles and fun your child with have with this bright and tasty chocolate factory party!
I created these party supplies because growing up “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” was one of my favorite movies. I use to dream of walking alongside Willy Wonka through his amazingly delicious chocolate factory and now anyone can do that with these party decorations.
Get your own golden ticket to give to your special guest so they know they are in for a tasty treat before arriving at your Chocolate factory party!




Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies By Metro-Events

I Saw A Butterfly, Way Up In The Sky With Beautiful Wings, It Flew Right By…These awesome Butterfly Party Supplies!

No need to flutter about looking for what you need when you can shop from home and have discount Butterfly Party Supplies sent directly to your door. Butterfly Party Supplies are perfect for girls of all ages. The pastel spring style pattern features sweet butterflies with outstandingly beautiful wings, surrounded by colorful spring flowers. Pick up some coordinating paper plates, paper cups, custom cookies, invitations and more!

Choose from printed custom party supplies or digital files available on Metro-Events party shop.


These butterfly party supplies are available only with Metro-Event.com

Denim and Diamonds Party Supplies and Favors

Denim and Diamonds Party Supplies and Favors, this party collection can be customized for any type of party: Birthday, Bridal shower, Bachelorette Party, Wedding or just a gathering with friends.


I really like this party collection, the idea came a friend of mine it’s a really versatile set of party decorations. The party collection offers the best way to throw a party that is both glitzy and entertaining! Have guests show up in diamond studded blue jeans or denim formal wear to match your party’s theme! The sparkling bling you’ve used to decorate your space will wow guests upon entering the room, as they eagerly show off their new denim and diamond look to friends.

The Denim and Diamonds Party Invitations are available on both Metro-Event’s Zazzle shop and Metro-Events on Etsy. Choose either prints or Digital files to print yourself.


Also available are custom party banners, thank you cards, custom cookies, party gifts, party favors and many other party decorations and supplies.

Bridal Shower, Invitations, Party Favors and Supplies

Floral, Bright bridal shower decorations are the key to creating a fabulous party honoring any bride-to-be. Get ideas and inspiration from metro-events wide collection of bridal shower decorations.

Customized printed or Digital file Bridal shower invitations are available at Metro-Events:
Bright Floral Bridal Shower Invitations


A bridal shower should celebrate the bride’s personality and character When considering a theme for the shower, make a list of all the bride-to-be’s loves. Then coordinate the bridal shower favors with the bridal shower decor! Before you even know it you created an amazingly romantic dreamland with just a few thoughtful details.

Hollywood Party Favors and Supplies By Metro-Events

Hooray for Hollywood! I spent quite a few years living in California, once upon a time I worked in Hollywood so this design is near and dear to my heart. This is a great party option for sweet sixteen, teen parties, bachelorette party or a special event.


Since all of the party designs that are created by Metro-Events are custom, you have the option to change any of the text/wording that you want. On Metro-Events website and Metro-Events on Zazzle there are many items to choose from. Invitations, custom treats, party favors, thank you cards, custom party cups, custom paper plates, party banners and much more including gifts!

This Hollywood party set is available in both pink and red.

Hawaiian Luau Party Favors and Supplies by Metro-Events


A bit of a different twist to a timeless theme. I have been wanting to design a luau themed party for quite a long time now but I wanted it to be different from what is available. Most party supplies that I see are really bright colors with the common tiki and hibiscus flowers. Although I do love the bright colors that are commonly used for luau parties I wanted to offer something that could give an alternative to the bright colors since everyone has different things that they like.

Metro-Events on Zazzle offers: address labels, thank you cards, envelopes, napkins, cups, paper plates and more!

If you prefer to print invitations yourself, Metro-events does have offer printable files available as well through our Etsy shop:


Pin-up Girl, Rock-a-Billy Party Decorations By Metro-Events

Pin-up Girl, Rock-a-billy: Bachelorette Party, Birthday, Girls night or Bridal shower! This is my new favorite! I love, love, love this and went a little crazy creating so many different things because I want ALL of it! I had originally created a pretty awful pin-up girl design years again, this is yet another design I just wasn’t happy with and had been playing around with it here and there.

It all started with a party invitation:

The invitation on the left is the new design, the invitation on the right the old. This is one of those designs that I don’t care if anyone else likes it because I love it! I always seem to love the designs that everyone else doesn’t really like, my previous favorite before I feel in love with this one is the mustache and tutu design:

Back to the Pin-up girl invitations… So I was so excited about this design that I created 4 color options. I still can’t decide which one I like best, I like them all for different reasons:



So as I created the first color, which was the blue and red and continued on to the next my creating went out of control. I created everything I could think of with these pin-up girls. I have from party supplies to gifts: wallets, party banners, posters, invitations, customized cookies, writing pens, thank you cards, postage stamps, wrapping paper! Pin-up, rock-a-billy craziness! I do love this design, please check out the whole collection:

Nautical Party Decor From Metro-Events



Revamp on a an old design, Nautical, Sailing party for both boys and girls. Available in 2 colors pink and red on Metro-event.com and Metro-Events on Zazzle.

I had a different nautical party sign available for the last 3 years, I was never really happy with, I felt it was a boring design. I played around with it for years and finally came up with something that I really like.

If you need digital party files so that you can print them at home please check on Metro-event.com. Metro-event.com also offers printed nautical invitations.

For custom nautical cups, napkins, envelopes, paper plates and much more please look at our zazzle page: Metro-Events


Metro-Events Offers More Printed options on Zazzle

Metro-Events Zazzle store has grown nearly 10x what it was 2 months ago! Check out our new products: MetroEvents

Find tons of party supplies: Paper cups, Paper plates, Postage, Envelopes, Invitations, Party favors, Posters banners and more!

There are also new party designs: Pin-up girl, Bridal showers, Arabian nights and many others.